Signs of Change



This is one of the more provocative pieces among all the art and signs that have popped up on the sides of buildings in our neighborhood following the election. This one is about two blocks from our apartment, on the side of another apartment building.

There’s also a church a couple blocks from us. Immediately the congregation there started writing messages of hope, fear, and solidarity and tying those ribbons to the streetside exterior of the church. A sign near the ribbons says something along the lines of:

The notes here are from our church community to you. Read them and know that we love you. We need you. We will work for justice……There are more ribbons and pieces of fabric to tie on the bars of our church as a sign of solidarity for anyone feeling vulnerable among us. Peace be with you.


Along my walk to work on the Pike Street/Pine Street corridor of Capitol Hill, I now see businesses proudly displaying these signs in their front windows:



Also about a couple blocks from our apartment these signs have gone up on the side of a building that sits along a very busy intersection at Olive Way, Denny and Summit on Capitol Hill.


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