Nightfall on Obama


I saw the above image when I opened my Facebook feed this morning. It’s the now famous Barack Obama logo, but instead of its normal bright colors, this one has nightfall on it. It’s a fitting symbol for this day in particular because Obama is giving his last speech as president in less than 12 hours in the same city he gave his acceptance speech in 2008: Chicago. Here are some of the iterations of his logo from the last eight years:

There’s even this one that mocks Trump:


Nick and I were listening to our favorite form of propaganda last night, Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. I call it “propaganda” as a kind of joke because Rachel presents the news of the day, everyday, in the context of history, but also through a liberal lense. She’s overt about that. But, since Trump’s win there has been so much talk about what’s “real news” and what’s “fake news” because Trump, right wing media (including FOX News and Breitbart), and left wing media, so often are spreading overt lies. To be clear, there are conservative and liberal sources of news out there that do a more accurate job of presenting the news, but they seem to be outnumbered by sites and networks that spread lies. This is our social media landscape and it can be scary.

Anyway, back to Rachel Maddow. I find her to be histrionic, but on point and accurate, she presents things mostly the way they are. I’ve stopped listening to her everyday because I get too worked up and nervous about where we are right now as a country. Last night, I listened to her though because this week is a huge one. Here are a list of things happening:

  1. Many of the confirmation hearings for Trump’s controversial cabinet picks begin this week, including the most controversial, Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. He has a racist, anti-civil rights track record and could roll back the civil rights that have been fought so hard for in this country.
  2. Obama will give his last speech as President tonight.
  3. Trump will give his first press conference in six months tomorrow (if he doesn’t cancel it). (By the way, the lack of press conferences and lack of taking questions from reporters is extremely abnormal. Trump has attacked the press and the First Amendment repeatedly and there are very real fears about him continuing to do so.)

Maddow dedicated a portion of her show last night to talking about how the 60+ day lame duck session we’ve been in with Obama has been relatively quiet when you think about the time we’re in and the time we’re headed into. Yes, Obama has done many things in the past 60+ days since the election, but Maddow argued that she expected much more noise from him. She said that Michelle Obama’s last speech as First Lady last week, while moving, seemed low-key. She said that because of all that, she expects President Obama’s final speech tonight to be of consequence. It’s his last chance to have the stage like this, and at such a pivotal moment in our country’s history.

Here are some of the other New York Times and Washington Post headlines I’m seeing on this Tuesday morning, January 10, 2017:


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