Self-Care: Snowshoeing in Snoqualmie



I almost didn’t go. I was torn about leaving the city and spending the entire day snowshoeing during our last weekend before Trump’s inauguration. For weeks, I’d planned to attend a protest planning session with about 100 or more of my neighbors. Our Seattle City Council member, Kshama Sawant, was hosting and leading the event. Here was the Facebook page, you can see I was set as “Going”:


And, this protest-planning event with Seattle Councilmember Sawant was only one of SEVEN scheduled Trump resistance events I had wanted to attend on Saturday in my neighborhood.

As I was contemplating how I was going to schedule my day, one of my best friends, Alex, texted me. Note my delayed response to his text–13 hours! I really was torn about leaving town and missing these organizing events:


I ended up deciding to go because, as I’ve said on here before, self-care is of utmost importance right now so that we have the strength to organize and fight. So, we went to the Snoqualmie Forest for the entire day, snowshoeing some six or seven miles of trails. It was so sunny and completely recharging. Here are some pics from the day:

As it turned out, we’d spend at least part of our day on the trail doing our part to continue organizing resistance. We ran into a woman snowshoeing the same trail we were on. She was alone.

Alex struck up a conversation with her. Turns out she works for International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Seattle and is working with refugees during this uncertain and scary time. We asked her if she’d join the West Seattle Neighborhood Action Coalition (NAC). We also asked if she’d request that her colleagues come to our NAC meetings to present ways to form alliances and solidarity with refugees and the organizations working to help them. She was excited to agree to act on both of our ideas.

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