24 Hours to Inauguration, Here’s What I’m Seeing


The Seattle Neighborhood Action Coalition (NAC) is going through changes at every corner as it grows and develops by the day. Even on the surface, you can see change. The logo above used to be black, but NAC members and organizers have now switched it to this red/orange color in order to be more identifiable in the coming 48 hours. It’s a crucial moment for NAC as countless thousands will be in the streets marching and protesting Trump’s election Friday and Saturday, including this “bad hombre” who I saw posted on Facebook:


The coming days will be a time to expand the NAC network and recruit new members. The Seattle Neighborhood Action Coalition is now also expanding it’s name to be:

Greater Seattle Neighborhood Action Coalition

The added “greater” is to better represent suburban neighborhoods and areas outside the city, but in the metro area, that are joining our forces.

Around the city we’re seeing things like this, it’s a billboard that belongs to a church in Seattle’s Mount Baker neighborhood declaring “Against Nationalism”:


We’re also seeing things like this that I saw in one of our city’s alternative newspapers called The Stranger. There are stickers that say “Diversity is a code word for white genocide” popping up in at least the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle:


There are so many things to show and tell you as we approach Trump’s inuguration which is one day from now. I can’t attend every protest, rally, or march, there are too many events for one person to go to all of them. And, I know I should’ve been awake and showing up to marches and protests ten years ago, pushing for social justice my entire adult life, not just the past three. But, I’m here now.

Here is some of what I know will happen on inauguration day in Seattle:

Throughout the day thousands of high school students will walk out of their classrooms to march in the streets. Seattle Public Schools has released this statement:


There are things like this flash mob happening:


Into the afternoon and evening, Milo Yiannopoulos, a white supremacist who is an editor at Breitbart News (the white supremacist, right-wing news site that Trump’s now Chief Advisor, Steve Bannon, was a founding member of), is set to speak at University of Washington in the middle of Seattle. His speeches and words are so horrific that he’s been banned from Twitter. You can imagine how bad that must be since our president-elect posts disgusting things on Twitter multiple times daily, but he’s still not been kicked off.

It appears Milo will have a large crowd of supporters (I still find it so hard to believe there are organizing white supremacists in our area), but also a very large crowd of protestors trying to block his speech in various ways.

Just a few days ago, protestors at University of California-Davis successfully blocked Milo from speaking there by physically blocking the building he was trying to enter. So there is hope. Here is the headline in this morning’s Seattle Times:


Finally as night comes on, there will be a march and protest starting in the streets of downtown Seattle at 5:00 p.m. in Westlake Plaza. Thousands are expected there. Nick and I plan to be at that one with our neighbors and friends. I’m one of the “organizers” for the group of NAC members who are meeting up to march together. NAC is supplying badges with its logo so that people can identify us and also join us. Here’s the Facebook invite:


Our offices at TeamChild will be closing at noon on inauguration day to facilitate our staffers marching. Here was the notice I got from my boss:


Along my walk to work from Capitol Hill to the International District, I now see these signs on buildings and poles:


The marches are somewhat mainstream as so many people are pissed off and ready to protest. However, there will also be what could be large groups of people doing direct actions and more fierce protesting, that could result in arrests and injuries. I admire that sort of protest in this time because protest is meant to disrupt us and grab our attention, and I’ve never seen a time in my life that calls for it this clearly. I have seen organizing around this, but I can’t describe it here, as that type of organizing has to be under the radar.

These are directives being posted on Facebook for protestors who will be involved in true civil disobedience:



Tonight, the night before the inauguration protests, we’ll be making street art and signs at a NAC Guerilla Art event on Seattle’s south side. I’ll share pictures afterward on here. And, Saturday morning, the day after inauguration, 10,000 people are expected at Seattle’s Women’s March downtown:


Like I said, there’s so much going on. I’m headed to work now. Talk to you soon.

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