Weekend of Emergencies


There we are, thousands of us standing in Westlake Park in downtown Seattle on Sunday evening, less than 24 hours after we brought SeaTac Airport to a standstill. This was the “Stand with Immigrants!-Emergency Rally”. It is the sixth protest I’ve been to in one week, and that is not including the organizing meetings I’ve also been to.

Nick and I met up with several of Nick’s work colleagues, including his bosses, at this emergency protest. They’re all clinical therapists who give a damn about their country and social justice. As we walked down Pine toward Westlake Park, the street got so crowded that you could no longer see the road. We couldn’t get all the way to the park, we had to stand against a building, squashed against the wall by our neighbors. Choppers were overhead, news livetrucks were all around, our Governor was there. Our Councilmember was there. Here are the pictures I took:


And, this is what photos looked like from the choppers and from journalists and witnesses who had much better vantage points:




During the day Sunday, and into the evening, there was also a protest at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma where authorities had detained refugees. Nick and I did not make it to this protest, we decided to go to the one downtown instead. Here are some pics that were shared by organizers in Tacoma:


This weekend of multiple emergency protests comes as the Trump administration tests how strong our institutions are and looks for first signs of if he can actually destroy them. This is an excerpt from an incredible analysis of the news written by a Google engineer:


If that isn’t scary enough, here are other headlines I saw on my phone:


I am finding it hard to focus right now, and you may find that obvious from time to time on this website. Sometimes I feel it’s important to document things quickly, even if they aren’t complete thoughts. This post is one of those moments. Things are happening so rapidly, and so much is happening.

Protests are so important right now, but please know that other organizing is happening. There are groups sitting in meetings with their neighbors, there are potlucks, there are countless other things going on right now. I just can’t write about all of them at the moment because of the fast-changing environment. I will update you soon on those efforts. Nick will be at our Capitol Hill Neighborhood Action Coalition meeting tonight.

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