Self-Care: We’re Leaving for 10 Days

There are many ways to resist this Republican administration. And, as I’ve written about before, we are aware that burnout and tiredness are real threats, especially since the onslaught since January 20 has been so intense.

I realize I’m saying this from a position of privilege, but one powerful way to resist is also to unplug and recharge. We don’t have to pay attention to every single piece of news everyday. Nick and I have had a trip to somewhere warm, outside the country, planned for several months. I feel a bit awkward because of the unfairness of us being able to travel so easily across borders when this Republican administration has made it so difficult for folks much more vulnerable than us to travel across borders.

But, we are going to go. And, we are going to turn off our phones, social media, and access to any sort of news. Our brains need a break. And, taking time to relax and treat yourself well is a big part of resistance. This administration wants to wear us down so they can defeat us.

I say all of this as a way of explaining that you will see a 10-day gap in my account of what’s happening. I will not be posting to this website until February 23. This political environment has already shown us that world-shifting events can happen in the span of one day, and indeed they have. So, it’s entirely within the realm of possibility that in the time we are not paying attention to news, we may miss any of the following:

The beginning of an impeachment trial

The second attempt to shut our borders

Immigration raids

Limiting or elimination of protections of any minority group

And, a number of even more terrifying possibilities that I will not list because I don’t want to put words to them unless they actually happen

I’m encouraged by all I see on the horizon in the way of organizing and activism. To illustrate what I mean, I’ll leave you with a screenshot of just some of the events on Facebook that are happening in Seattle while we’re gone.


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