A Few Telling Photos From My Phone

I’ve taken a number of photos on my phone over the past two weeks that I haven’t shared. Some of them are incredibly striking and telling of where we are so I want to share them.

1) The small market in our neighborhood always has witty, handmade signs on its sandwich board out front. This week it reflects the on-going scandal involving our Mayor. He, his doctor, and lawyer had a press conference recently to give a report on what the Mayor’s genitals look like because his accusers have described it, so the Mayor saw it in his best interest to have a doctor reveal what he found. At the same time, this scandal has opened the door for more candidates to challenge the mayor in this year’s race. The former mayor of Seattle Mike McGinn has now entered the race for mayor as has Cary Moon. I’m still supporting Nikkita Oliver.


2) This is a mural on the side of a building in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood. I snapped this picture while I was walking from a meeting back to my office.


3) Nick and I have been spending time with two of our best friends who recently moved back to Seattle after leaving to go to Steamboat Springs, Colorado for nine months. This past weekend we had a movie night with Brett and Kaelen at their new apartment, which is only about a ten minute walk from our apartment. Brett and Kaelen have been together for two years now. Here’s Kaelen in their new digs the night we went to hang out at their place. It feels so good to have them back here.


4) Here’s a sign that you see often around here. I snapped this photo of someone’s front door while I was canvassing for Jon Grant in Seattle’s Rainier Beach neighborhood. The sign was produced by our Socialist City Councilmember Kshama Sawant and her party Socialist Alternative. Seattle and Washington State have one of the most regressive tax codes in the country. We do not have an income tax, yet we have some of the richest people in the whole world living here and a homeless crisis that is spinning out of control.


5) Nick and I got happy hour beers at a place we like to go to near our apartment when it’s not raining. We went there recently during a break in the rain. It has just been reported that Seattle has had the rainiest winter this year since people started recording these things in 1895!


It has been a very busy week, it feels a bit overwhelming. Here are a few things that have been on my calendar in addition to my normal work day:


Canvassing door-to-door for Jon Grant in Mount Baker again.


Attending a Socialist Alternative branch meeting for the first time to learn more about their tactics and ideaology.


Networking event with former NFL players who live in Seattle to talk to them about TeamChild in Bellevue.

Betty Who concert with Nick


Networking event for TeamChild at Microsoft

Canvassing for Jon Grant in Rainier Beach


A party to cultivate donors for TeamChild on Bainbridge Island

And, here are some of the headlines that have crossed my phone from The Washington Post:


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