Nick and I Turned Our Phones Off and Spent Three Days on the Coast

image000003It’s so damn important to give your brain space to think, to stop being busy for a little bit and try to see the big picture. After I left my job on June 30, it was a good time for Nick and me to escape the city and do some thinking. We went to Moclips, Washington on the Pacific coast. Here’s the map of where we were, that red marker:

image000002.jpgWe spent three days in a motel on the beach. Nick spent a lot of time writing stories. We both started and finished books. I read “No Is Not Enough” by Naomi Klein. It’s an important piece of work talking about how we can truly resist fascism and our current system:

image000000 We took our own food because there was a microwave and refrigerator in our motel. So, we really did just chill out in this tiny town. We laid on the beach reading and napping, not checking our phones once. Here are some other pics from our trip:

image000004image000007image00000820170704_111122We came home and jumped right back into action. I went to a phone bank supporting the effort to fight our anti-transgender bathroom initiative, 1552. I’m also starting work to help form a coalition of folks to run a citywide grassroots campaign to change the narrative around homelessness. We envision the campaign ending with legislation passing in the city to stop the sweeps of encampments, like this one.

We envision our campaign as mainly one that centers homeless folks as they share their stories with communities across the city. We want people to understand that THE SWEEPS DO NOT WORK. WE NEED AFFORDABLE, PERMANENT HOUSING. Afterall, who do we want to be able to live in this city, only rich white people? More on this later.

Here are some of the recent and alarming headlines from The Washington Post:


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