An Attempt to Be Distracted: I Saw a Solar Eclipse! I Saw Lady Gaga!

My mornings have been pretty busy as I not only continue my job search but help with the grassroots campaign to end Seattle’s homeless encampment sweeps, and get back to Arcaro Boxing gym.

Yesterday morning was especially eventful though. I stopped what I was doing to go to a small community garden and park about two blocks from our apartment. I arrived to an unusually busy weekday morning in that small public space. About a dozen people were staring at the sky, wearing strange-looking paper glasses.

It was the first time in 99 years that the moon eclipsed the sun! So, I sat down and watched the scene, although I didn’t look at the sun because I didn’t have those special glasses. I had been so in the zone with my own life that I had barely known that the eclipse was coming, despite it being all over the news. And, people were relieved to have something so natural, so beautiful bring humanity together for a moment.

Seattle saw about a 93% blackout of the sun, so we weren’t in the path of total darkness. The moon blocked the sun for just a couple minutes. It was strange as it felt like the sun was setting at 10:00 in the morning! Here’s a picture I took of my shadow in the park during the beginning of the solar eclipse:


And, here’s what it looked like in the news:


Recently we also went to Lady Gaga’s concert in Tacoma, Washington! Nick is obsessed with Lady Gaga, she’s been a big influence in his coming-of-age, he even has a tattoo of her name on his back. So, he bought us tickets and I was so excited to go with him because he was so excited. It was his fourth time to see her, my first. We went with some of our best friends Brett and Kaelen. Here are some pictures he snapped on his phone as we watched the spectacular pop-star performance:


We’ve also improved our cooking at home lately. I made this Southeast Asian curry a couple nights ago. To our surprise, it was really good!


In the Seattle mayor’s race we had this news update from The Stranger:

Screenshot_2017-08-15-20-09-02We also found out that our socialist City Councilmember Kshama Sawant will be helping form a new national political party. This headline is from Seattle Weekly:


In national news, the onslaught of ugly, scary updates continues. In the aftermath of the white supremacist rallies in both Charlottesville, Virginia and Seattle last weekend, my mom texted me from Oklahoma because she was worried about more protests. She was worried because there was a lot of news about a huge white nationalist rally and counter protest in Boston where more than 40,000 counter protesters showed up. This is what my mom’s text said:


There were not protests in Seattle this time. Here are other major headlines we’ve seen in The Washington Post and New York Times since I last updated you. There was a terrorist attack in a major tourist spot in Barcelona, Spain in which a car plowed over dozens of people:


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