Worst Rain Event in U.S. History, a Scary Trump Pardon, and Another North Korean Missile

Nick and I are doing well. Nick is still working his ass off, six days a week. Since I’ve had more free time than him, I cooked this Sichuanese Chinese dinner this week:


My days continue to be completely filled too with several things:

  • Having one-on-one meetings almost daily with Seattle parents and teachers to get them on board with our grassroots campaign to treat our homeless neighbors better. I’ve been finding these folks and connecting through friends who are parents who are willing to send out messages asking for a meeting. The meetings are going well and I’m encouraged! I’m having them in coffee shops, parks and in one case, even in someone’s home. I’ve been ready for parents to not necessarily be on our side because we’re talking with them about something that can be fairly controversial in Seattle–the police sweeps of the homeless encampments. But, so far, everyone has been receptive to our message of trying to mostly end the sweeps and create more deeply affordable housing and more diverse shelter options. In one noteworthy conversation with one elementary PTA president, we found out that he and his family had been homeless very recently. He will now be speaking at our campaign kick off event. 


  • Going to meetings with Neighborhood Action Coalition and separate meetings with the entire coalition working on this homelessness campaign called Housing For All. Things are really starting to take shape with a platform and sign-on letter and a coalition formed of many organizations, including a more than a few homeless and formerly homeless folks.


  • Continuing to box at Arcaro Boxing Gym. In the past few days I got to spend the hour boxing with Nikkita Oliver who also boxes there.


  • Applying for jobs and going to interviews.

I look forward to updating you on the homelessness campaign soon. The campaign kickoff is Saturday, September 9, 2017 in downtown Seattle.

Outside Seattle though, there has been a lot of national attention on a major natural disaster that has destroyed Houston, Texas, the fourth largest city in the country. Here are some of the headlines from The Washington Post:

Screenshot_2017-08-27-17-05-56Screenshot_2017-08-28-07-51-56Screenshot_2017-08-29-17-24-21Screenshot_2017-08-30-08-40-41Screenshot_2017-08-28-22-16-00Screenshot_2017-08-28-07-51-52Screenshot_2017-08-30-08-38-49Screenshot_2017-08-30-08-38-38In the midst of one of the worst natural disasters to ever hit our country, Trump also did and Tweeted these things. The timing of doing this during the storm proves he does not give a shit about folks in Houston. And, the pardon of Arpaio is especially disturbing, as described below in headlines from The Washington Post and The New Yorker:


During Hurricane Harvey, we also saw these news headlines:


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