Seattle Gets Third Mayor in Less Than Five Days, Pressure Building Behind Housing For All Campaign

On Monday Seattle City Council voted to place retiring Councilmember Tim Burgess in the Mayor’s seat until the regular election at the end of the year. This happened because the Council President Bruce Harrell had five days to turndown the Mayor position and he did. Harrell still has more than two years left in his Council term and he didn’t want to give that up.

Here’s how the headlines have looked in Seattle in both The Stranger and The Seattle Times:


I was at the Seattle City Council meeting when this vote happened on September 18, 2017. Here are some shots from inside the meeting.


Council chambers were packed with dozens of activists who’d come to speak in support of Councilmember Kshama Sawant’s Medicare for All resolution and for our campaign, Housing for All. In addition, many folks put pressure on the city to be transparent as they select the replacement, temporary councilmember to fill Burgess’s seat. People held signs saying “#TransparenSEA”.

I spoke for one minute during the public comment period (they only gave one minute to each person because so many people wanted to speak). I used my time to call out the City for its use of police evictions of homeless communities as a way to stop our Homelessness State of Emergency. I blew up a photo of Eliana and Sue being arrested for coming to help our homeless neighbors during the eviction last week. You’ve seen the picture and heard about this. I told the story of how the City is arresting folks for trying to help our most vulnerable community members and how crazy that is. Is this really who we want to be? This is what I looked like:


The Seattle Weekly also did another story about Eliana and Sue’s arrest on the same day as the Council meeting. Here was the headline:


Here are other national headlines we’re seeing in The Washington Post. Note this is a second and more deadly earthquake in Mexico, this one was in Mexico City, the previous one had been in the southern part of the country:


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