Housing For All Campaign Turns into Full-Time Volunteer Work

It feels like it’s been a long time since I checked in with you. I’ll lay the blame on the increasing scope of volunteer work I’ve taken on with our newly-launched Housing For All campaign. I’ve been going to coalition meetings, one-on-one coffees, candidate forums, City Council meetings and more, all across the city. At the same time, I’m also still applying for paid work. I do need to find an income, and the urgency around that is increasing.

Here are a couple things from our work with Housing For All. These are pictures of campaign leaders and volunteers at our regular Saturday work sessions. During these sessions folks hear campaign updates, make signs for our upcoming public events like the press conference at City Hall Monday, and also email and call city council members.


My scope of work has still been mainly focused on connecting with public school PTAs. In the past week we presented to our first full 50-member elementary PTA and they unanimously voted to endorse the campaign! I’ll be speaking at another elementary full PTA meeting in the upcoming week. Also, I’ve been going to the north and south ends of the city to have coffees and drinks one-on-one with PTA parents to get them active with contacting council members and lobbying their PTAs to endorse our campaign.

Here is a post I put on my Facebook page (I reluctantly got back on Facebook because it seems necessary with this work). To my delight, more than a handful of PTA parents saw my message and reached out to set up meetings with me!

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 8.13.27 AM

In addition to Housing For All, Seattle Peoples Party is continuing its organizing work following Nikkita Oliver’s exit from the mayoral race. Seattle Peoples Party had a summit this past weekend to build community and the party and to discuss next steps and visions for the future. The work is becoming more important, more intense. Here are some pictures I took of Nikkita speaking with the crowd of about 200 people in the International District:


Most of the summit consisted of folks getting into groups with their neighbors, sorted by city council district. We discussed our vision for the party and what’s working and what isn’t. I’m very excited to stay involved with this and hear about next steps. I’ll keep you posted.

Here are some local Seattle headlines that struck me. They’re from The Seattle Times and The Stranger:

Screenshot_2017-09-26-13-13-43Screenshot_2017-09-26-08-37-38Screenshot_2017-09-25-08-49-15And, here are some of the national headlines from The Washington Post and The Intercept. I have to say things continue to get more frightening. As one friend put it, “We’re like a frog in boiling water, things are gradually getting worse.”


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