I Started a New Job at One of Seattle’s Largest Homeless Service Providers, and the City Cut 15% of Seattle’s Shelter Bed Stock

As I’m writing you, our cat, Ryan, is sitting next to me on the desk in mine and Nick’s apartment:

20171201_090014It’s been a very busy 17 days since I last wrote you. In that time Nick and I purchased a small, real Christmas tree and decorated it. This is what it looks like in our apartment today:

20171209_092400Meanwhile the National Christmas tree lighting in Washington D.C. led by Trump looked almost empty:

Screenshot_2017-12-01-07-51-23I also just finished my first week at a new job as Major Gifts Officer at Solid Ground. The organization is one of Seattle’s largest homeless service providers and I’m in charge of investments from individuals who can give five and six-figure gifts. So, it’ll be a lot like my job at TeamChild, only this time I’ll be part of a team bringing in more than $2 million per year.

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 3.06.25 PMJust days before I started my new job, the City of Seattle announced it was eliminating 300 shelter beds in the city, about 15% of the City’s overall shelter bed stock. This is how I summarized it in my own words on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 2.43.17 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-09 at 2.43.28 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-09 at 2.43.37 PMSince I began writing to you at the beginning of 2017 (almost a year ago!), keeping track of what’s going on has become more of a task, rather than what it started as which was more of an art. Still, I want to keep you in the loop. So, even though this may be more of just a dumping of pictures and headlines, I want it to be part of the record you have from me.

The news continues to be very bad both locally and nationally and the nightmare-inducing headlines are relentless. I want to share some of what’s gone on in the last 17 days as captured in screenshots from my cell phone.

Below are some of the local Seattle headlines. Among the top headlines was that our new Mayor Jenny Durkan took office. I have very little hope that she will be more than neoliberal status-quo and accountable first and foremost to Amazon.

Screenshot_2017-11-28-19-39-18Screenshot_2017-11-28-19-33-16Screenshot_2017-11-29-08-59-26Our new Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda was also sworn in. Remember that I spent a lot of time and money campaigning for her grassroots Socialist opponent Jon Grant, whom she beat as she was backed heavily by mainstream neoliberal politicians and establishment money:


Here are some other local headlines and pictures I’ve seen online:

Screenshot_2017-11-27-22-15-21Screenshot_2017-11-29-07-31-42Screenshot_2017-11-28-17-40-44Screenshot_2017-11-27-14-03-58Screenshot_2017-12-07-19-10-51Screenshot_2017-12-07-19-24-55Screenshot_2017-12-05-20-17-15Screenshot_2017-12-05-18-48-59And, below are some of the many national and international headlines from the past two weeks, mostly from The Washington Post. We are barraged with very intense news every day now. I think so many folks are becoming somewhat numb, this is our new normal. However, almost one year into the Trump presidency, I still feel incredible shock about what we’re going through and where we’re headed.


Here are some other memes I’ve captured from social media recently:


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