We Traveled Home to Oklahoma and Utah for the Holidays

This month has been one of turning inward in many ways. I’ve been focused almost 100% on my new job at Solid Ground. The challenges are steep. Also, over the past two weeks, Nick and I made two trips. First, we flew to Oklahoma to visit my family in Norman for two days. Then, we came back to Seattle to work for a week. Following that, we flew to Utah to be with Nick’s family for two days.

Pictures from Norman and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

IMG_282820171217_18304320171215_16572520171217_180300Two of our best friends in Seattle, Brett and Kaelen, were traveling back from visiting Brett’s family near Dallas, Texas. Their flight home landed at the same time as ours, so they waited for us so we could ride the train home together. This is Brett waiting at SeaTac Airport:535271128Pictures from Logan and Salt Lake City, Utah are below. This was the first Christmas for Grady Cole and Sawyer, Nick’s brother’s twins who were born in June 2017. The aerial photos are as we took off from Salt Lake City on Delta flight 633 back to Seattle on December 26, 2017. The photos are of the Great Salt Lake.


This is what it looked like as we made our final approach to land back in Seattle on December 26, 2017:

20171226_16151320171226_161822Here are some posts from my social media feed as well as news headlines from The New York Times and The Washington Post over the past couple weeks. You’ll see the headlines from a massive Amtrak train derailment 40 miles south of Seattle. This happened the morning after we returned from Oklahoma.



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